Axon Signal

Auto-Activation for Axon Cameras

Body-worn cameras have been protecting the truth in agencies across the country, but they're only able to clarify events when they're activated. With manual activation, officers are sometimes unable to hit record in intense and stressful situations. We've developed Axon Signal, an automatic activation technology for Axon cameras, to uphold the truth and allow you to get the most out of your body-worn camera investment.

Axon Signal is available and in use by agencies today

Axon Signal activates your Axon cameras to record vital footage. Linked to many common triggers, Axon Signal lets you capture important footage without lifting a finger.

  • Flexibility: Axon Signal can be tailored to activate cameras based on various triggers from your car (such as light bar, crash, door), from your TASER Smart Weapons, and more.
  • Connected Platform: The Signal Performance Power Magazine (SPPM) wirelessly integrates TASER Smart Weapons with your Axon body cameras and in-car cameras.
  • Secure Communication: A secure wireless connection protects your devices during use.

Technical Specifications

Operating and Storage Temperature Range

-40º F (-40º C) to +176º F (80º C)


80% non-condensing

Bluetooth Signal Range

30 feet (9.14 m)

Maximum Current Draw

25 mA (negligible to car battery)