Our Security Goes Above and Beyond, Just Like You.

You place your trust in us to keep your information safe, so we'll do whatever it takes to maintain that trust. Think of it like this: Your partner would risk his life for you in the line of duty, right? Now take that online. As the partner you trust with your data, that's how seriously we at TASER and Axon take security. Our comprehensive program is always watching out for you. This is how:


We have a dedicated security team with exceptional experience protecting critical data. They know security, and they have a budget to wield. For you, that's like having a dedicated team at your agency whose sole existence is to keep your evidence data safe—all day, every day.


Yes, our products comply with industry standards like the FBI CJIS Security Policy. But they also exceed them. No one is forcing us to do things like protect our facilities with biometric controls, conduct regular vulnerability tests, or keep a seven-figure cyber insurance policy. We just do them, because it's how we'll keep your trust.


When we build a new hardware or software product, we do so with an emphasis on keeping information locked up. That's why Axon's Evidence.com is built on a secure infrastructure and has security-focused features like audit trails, customizable permissions, and strict authentication protocols.

We have documented our security practices and the security features of Evidence.com here and we encourage you to read through our FAQs.

If you ever have questions about the information security of our products, please contact us at [email protected].

Our Security Principles

  • Control: Give access to only those with a legitimate mission-focused need
  • Vigilance: Closely and constantly watch for attacks and respond quickly
  • Detection: Frequently test for flaws and fix them before the bad guys find them
  • Configuration: Build solutions that meet or exceed defined standards
  • Protection: Encrypt data and keep systems online
  • Education: Hire and train security-conscious people
  • Expectation: Partner with only the most secure third-party providers

Our Security Assurance and Certification Programs

  • CJIS
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Our Security Priorities

Data Protection

  • Data encryption during transfer using SSL RSA 2048-bit key, 256- or 128-bit ciphers (depending on client browser)
  • Data encryption during storage using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256)
  • Multi-factor authentication and IP whitelisting available for protected access

Data Integrity

  • Evidence data hashing to ensure chain of custody
  • Detailed audit logs to track all evidence access
  • 7-day pending deletion period and approval workflow to protect evidence deletion

Data Availability

  • Redundant data centers to ensure maximum availability
  • Frequent encrypted back-ups to prevent data loss