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Axon Convert

Unlock the Power of Video Evidence

Axon Convert is a standalone software solution that gives you the power to convert unplayable file formats with ease. It ingests and converts files in minutes with only a few clicks, making manual conversion a thing of the past. Since we know maintaining an evidence trail is important, Axon Convert not only produces a playable file, but also preserves the original and creates a report detailing the conversion process.

With Axon Convert, you can now convert and view a range of proprietary CCTV files. Unlocking that additional video evidence means you will see faster identifications, quicker subject apprehensions and a dramatic increase in public safety.

  • Easy to Ingest: Files can be dragged and dropped into the program in seconds
  • Automatic: File conversion happens with the click of a button
  • Flexible: The output folder can be relocated on the local PC or on a network share
  • Transparent: The original file is preserved and a detailed report of the results is provided
  • Streamlined: Combine multiple files from the same camera into one single file for upload to

Axon Convert is part of the Axon Forensic Suite of tools for investigators. Contact us for a demo today.

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