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Digital Evidence Management, Simplified

As the sources of digital evidence expand, storage alone isn't enough to keep track of the body-worn camera videos, photos, audio recordings, and other data that is overwhelming agency servers and systems. is a robust end-to-end solution that not only allows agencies to store all that data, but also enables new workflows for managing and sharing that data.

Officers and command staff can upload content from Axon and TASER devices or other systems easily, manage it simply with search and retrieval features, and then collaborate effortlessly with prosecutors by using powerful sharing features. When storage needs increase, the cloud-based system allows agencies to scale instantly and cost-effectively.

Technical Specifications

File Support

Manage all types of data, including body-worn video, in-car video, interview room video, CCTV, photographs, audio, documents and more.


Protect the evidentiary value of your data with CJIS-compliant storage, encryption, multi-factor authentication and real-time threat detection. Learn more

Audit Trails

Prove chain of custody on evidence and review actions taken by users across


Increase user compliance and save time and money with features such as automatic metadata tagging and automated retention schedules based on your CAD/RMS. Learn more

Prosecutor Edition

Seamlessly share evidence using the industry's only scalable solution for prosecutors.

Large Agency Support

Manage large deployments with Active Directory integration, operational group permissions and enterprise-level reporting.

Transcription now streamlines the process of providing video and audio transcriptions for court use and report-writing. allows you to select video or audio files and receive transcripts within 24 hours from a CJIS-compliant third-party provider with years of experience serving law enforcement. Learn more

Redaction automates the redaction process, letting you track any object that needs to be redacted, including faces, license plates, and other potentially sensitive images. With our tools, you can make edits at the review stage, so you can manually redact any missed frames to ensure a clean, 100% redacted video. Learn more

Modernization That’s Secure, Scalable, and Cost-Effective

The digital evidence revolution is having a profound impact on communities and agencies alike. But the influx of data created by video evidence, matched with the growing pains of merging new technology with preexisting systems, has revealed a need for simplified, comprehensive evidence management that traditional DEMS cannot offer. was built to answer the data challenges of today’s law enforcement environment in a manner that is secure, scalable, and cost-effective.

  • Collect: Upload content in any file format, from any device.
  • Transfer: Automatically ingest content from Axon cameras and hard drives.
  • Manage: Keep information organized and tag it with the correct metadata.
  • Retrieve: Find evidence quickly with simple search features.
  • Share: Grant access to specific people, or share content with a secure link. is undoubtedly the best solution for any police agency seeking to leverage the power and economic advantage of cloud technology.

Tom Streicher – Police Chief (Retired), Cincinnati PD
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