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Digital Evidence Management

Protect truth, from capture to courtroom

A 100-person agency could produce more than 250 videos a day - or 100,000 videos a year. How do you prepare for that influx of data? You could budget for over 600 1-terabyte hard drives and additional IT support, or you could manage those videos and all of your other data on one centralized system:

With all of your data in one place, lets you get to the truth faster. You can now save hundreds of hours a year by automatically uploading your data, easily tagging and retrieving evidence, and sharing case files with a few clicks. gives you the capabilities you'll need to protect truth, from capture to courtroom.'s Smart Tracker redaction technology lets you avoid spending hours redacting only a few minutes of footage. The time savings add up: if you used traditional redaction methods, 200 hours of video could take 40,000 hours of manual redaction. And with the Axon Forensic Suite, you'll get greater clarity from photos and videos, reducing your need for external consultants.



The Anaheim Police Department found that using's cloud system yielded a total cost of ownership that was 62% of an on-premise server. Read more about Anaheim's findings here.

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It can take as long as 3 months to deploy an on-premises system. Launching requires just a few hours. Read our cloud vs. on-premises whitepaper to learn more about how the two compare.

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Every second a new file is uploaded to Learn about the measures we take to maintain the integrity and security of that data here.

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