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On-Officer Video

Protect truth when it matters most

Now more than ever, you need to know you can protect truth when it matters most.

Built for the field, Axon body cameras give you a record of what happened at the scene, so your officers can act with confidence. That's why 80% of major U.S. cities have adopted our cameras and agencies big and small have seen up to an 88% drop in complaints after wearing them.

But body cameras are just the beginning. After all, a 100-person agency could generate more than 100,000 videos a year. This tidal wave of data will require a new way to manage your evidence.

The Axon platform offers you a system that makes managing and sharing data easier, so you can get to the truth faster. From capture to courtroom, lets you easily find, manage, redact, and share files, simplifying your agency's workflows to save you time and money.



80% of major U.S. cities with body cameras went with Axon because we offer a complete solution that empowers decision-making in the field and at the agency. Watch our webinar to learn more about the Axon platform.

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86% of citizens filmed by the Spokane Police Department as part of their pilot body camera program said that cameras would improve police services. Check out our 2016 Technology Report for more body camera statistics.

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Our rugged Axon Body 2 camera boasts a full-shift, 12-hour battery to help you capture vital footage. Watch our webinar to learn more about the features of our latest body camera.

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