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Smart Weapons

Act with confidence with TASER Smart Weapons

TASER Smart Weapons help you act with confidence in the field. They save lives, reduce injuries to officers and suspects, and protect truth with advanced firing logs. These logs help determine when an event occurred, how long a weapon was armed, and when the trigger was held, so you have additional data points to justify decisions made in the field.

TASER Smart Weapons also work seamlessly with your other Axon solutions, letting you have a better understanding of what happened on scene. A TASER Smart Weapon can wirelessly report its status, such as being armed or a trigger pull, so your Axon cameras can sense specific events and activate recording to let you capture vital footage during critical situations.

Through, you can update your firmware and manage your weapons' logs along with all of your other data, including videos, images, and text files. That way, not only do your TASER Smart Weapons protect life, but they also arm you with more information to help you get to the truth faster.



It only takes about 21 seconds to gain access to our Smart Weapons' firing logs, which can help you understand what happened at an event. Learn more about the weapons' advanced logging capabilities here.

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With the TASER X2, you get 2 shots, so you can act with confidence after a missed shot or clothing disconnect. Watch our video that shows how the TASER X2 and TASER X26P compare when deployed.

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You get 60 months to pay for your Smart Weapons with the TASER 60 pricing plan. That way, you can get your weapons today, while still having budget certainty. Learn more about our pricing plan.

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